Saving the Brook Trout

Your Task

  1. Review the documents, websites, and videos in the Document Library below. You can also watch the video above again, if you want to.
  2. Determine ways you and your family can help keep the home of the brook trout healthy.
  3. Create a product that you can use to convince your friends and family to use the ways you've come up with to keep the brook trout healthy. You can create anything you want to, such as a letter, poster, or brochure—just about anything! You just have to get it done today.

Document Library

What's is really in a landfill?
A video by Professor Bill Hammack, YouTube's Engineer Guy.


Even McMullen, Winner of Brower Youth Award (2006)
A video from a teenager who is trying to save the brook trout in Ohio.


Pollution Sources


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