My Work

What makes me different? What are the differentiators that set me apart? A few of these are:

Experience. I'm approaching 30 years of experience in education with fifteen of those years providing technical assistance at the school, district, state and national levels in areas related to instructional design and successful technology integration. Those experiences have resulted in a number of products and services used by many thousands of educators across the nation from classrooms and schools to state and the U.S. departments of education.

Proven record. I have a long record of developing high-quality publications, products, and providing services on a range of topics that relate to instructional design and technology integration. I have written research briefs and co-authored the first textbook to address the new National Educational Technology Standards for Teachers. My book about online professional development provides guidance drawn from my own experiences as well as those from successful programs across the country. It was a bestseller in it's first year. I have presented at state conferences and every major national technology or staff development conference, including some international conferences.

Knowledge and use of research. I have not only conducted research using a variety of qualitative and quantitative designs, but I have helped other educators better understand how to be good consumers of educational research to make the best decisions for their schools and students. I keep abreast of new findings and trends in educational technology research through print and electronic publications and have added to the body of knowledge through my publications and presentations.

Client List

I'm very fortunate to have worked with the following schools, districts and other organizations.

Schools, District, Regional, and State Education Clients

Business and Industry Clients