no virus Winning the Germ War: Dryers versus Paper Towels

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As you very well know, Martinsville High School is undergoing a multi-year remodeling project. There are many decisions that have to be made during a remodel, some very large, such as the shape and size of rooms and buildings, and some smaller, such as the choice of finishes or accessories. These decisions can actually impact you, as a student, as they can contribute to or detract from a healthy environment. The wrong choices can promote the spread of disease. The right choice can make the new building a healthier place for everyone who uses it.

For this task, you’ve been asked to investigate whether the new bathrooms in the building should include paper towels or hand dryers. There are pros and cons to both sides. Paper towels are made from, well, paper, and need to be replaced, sometimes often. The initial purchase of a hand dryer is more expensive than a paper towel dispenser, but it doesn’t need replacement. There are also concerns about the spread of disease, which is directly related to the study of biology.

Review the information in the document library and determine the best solution for the new bathrooms—paper towels or hand dryers. You may even want to suggest the best way to use either solution. You should collect evidence from the documents to make your decision and to support your position. You should present a solution that incorporates information about the biological aspects of the spread and/or control of disease. You will be graded based on the scientific evidence you collect to support your position as well as how well you present that evidence. Be sure to cite your sources appropriately so your audience knows where you are getting your information.


You have the freedom to choose the best method to get your message across to the administrators. Should it be a letter? Research report? Poster? Movie? Infographic? You decide, but be sure you can get your project done in the allotted time. Remember, the format you pick to support your position can influence how well the administration trusts it.

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