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K9 Radio Poll: Should children have cell phones at school?

Poll results:

Yes Yes 51% 120 Total Votes: 235 Votes
No No 49% 115

The Henrico County Public School Board is set to debate over whether they will lift their current ban on cell phone use by students. K9 Radio went to the air waves and asked for your input. Should children have cell phones at school? Let us know.

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Amy from Henrico County


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Laurie from Henrico County

"...kids are cheating left and right with their cell phones. They can take pictures of tests and send them to their friends in a later period. Also, some kids even text their friends during tests."

"I want to tell you about how some of my son’s teachers have been using cell phones in his classes. His father and I weren’t sure about using cell phones, at first, but I think it’s really made him enjoy school more."

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