Henrico County Public Schools: 2009-2010 Division Report Card

These tables include data from the Division Report Cards for 5 middle schools in Henrico County for the 2009-2010 school year. (The names of the schools have been changed.) This data is reported to the Virginia Department of Education and includes data from student performance on the Standards of Learning (SOL) assessments. The number of students with a cell phone is estimated based on national averages of cell phones owned by teenagers. This data was used to create the graph shown by Board Member Brown during the newscast.

Table 1: Student Performance versus Cell Phone Ownership

School Enrollment Percentage of Students that Passed English (Reading) Percentage of Students that Passed Math

Number of Students with a Cell Phone

Jefferson Middle School 840 98 94 630
Madison Middle School 885 91 83 664
Tyler Middle School 945 93 82 709
Washington Middle School 1019 85 79 764
Wilson Middle School 1125 87 77 844

Table 2: Disciplinary Offenses

School Total Number of Disciplinary Offenses Reported Technology Offenses Reported
Jefferson Middle School 54 2
Madison Middle School 360 17
Tyler Middle School 156 6
Washington Middle School 529 7
Wilson Middle School 544 22

Source: School, School Division, and State Report Cards 2009-2010
Virginia Department of Education
From: https://p1pe.doe.virginia.gov/reportcard/