Preparing for New Assessments: Building Performance Tasks for Classroom Use

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February 24, 2015

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Shifts in Assessments

Assessment Examples

What does "authentic" look like?

The Cell Phone Challenge: A Model of a Performance-Based Task

Questions for reflection:

Problems vs. Exercises

Designing Curriculum: Start with the End in Mind (Backwards Design)

Backwards Design

Building Performance Tasks and Situating them within the Curriculum: A Five-Step Process

  1. List and analyze standards/learning outcomes
  2. Unpack standards and determine cognitive load
  3. Develop (multiple) essential questions
  4. Design the performance task
  5. Determine prerequisites and sequence learning progression

5-step process


Demonstrating (four of) the Five Steps: Two More Examples

Build a Better Sandwich
(Fifth-Grade Performance Task)

Should my school regulate my lunch?
(Eighth-Grade Performance Task)


Additional Examples to Review at Your Leisure


Your Turn: Steps 1 and 2: Analyze Standards

Analyze potential standards for a performance task that could occur in Fall 2014. You can work in teams or as an individual. If you need more time to consider actual standards, select a small group of standards for a relevant topic to practice with.

Supporting handouts:

Step 3: Develop (multiple) essential questions

Essential Questions: Why this is important.

Essential Skills: What students need to do.
Essential Knowledge: What students need to know.

Essential Questions explain WHY your content is important to your STUDENTS.

Supporting handouts:

Step 4: (begin to) Design the performance task

Supporting handouts

Scoring Guidelines: Assessing Content Mastery

Use a scoring guide to evaluate student performance of STANDARDS (not effort, appearance, "creativity," etc.).

Step 5: Determine Prerequisites and Sequence Learning Progression

All About Accountability / The Lowdown on Learning Progressions by James Popham for ASCD

Supporting handouts:


Discussion: What do you want to do with technology? (Prep for Wednesday session)

Questions? Feel free to contact me at: JR@TeachLearnTech.com


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Using Google Apps for Education in Independent Study

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February 24, 2015

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